Web3 Native GenAI

Cloak is privacy-centric GenAl purpose built for the Web3 market.

Cloak empowers individual users and Web3 projects to use Al without being tracked. If you care about data sovereignty and privacy, Cloak is your only option.

How it works

GenAI: A game-changing revolution. Real challenges, endless possibilities

Interact without being tracked

Traditional GenAI models are gatekept by for-profit companies so when it comes to privacy you have to trust them to do the right thing. Cloak won't track you. Ever.

Decentralized means trustless

Have your cake and eat it too. Preserve your individual privacy while enjoying complete transparency on the network.

Cloak is a community project

Open Source means that the community will have a significant say in the direction Cloak goes in, all while maintaining its key tenet of preserving privacy.


GenAI: A game-changing revolution. Real challenges, endless possibilities


Your data is yours, always. Cloak will never access your data nor will any models be trained on it.

Open Source

Cloak will be using publicly available, open source Large Language Models (LLMs) from day one.


Cloak will be exclusively powered by decentralized technology, ensuring absolute transparency from start to finish.


Built from the ground up for Web3 natives
Stage 0.0
Stage 1.0
Stage 2.0
Stage 3.0
Stage 4.0


CLOAK: The engine of Web3 productivity
What is Cloak AI ($CLOAK)?
Will Cloak be Open Source?
How do I buy $CLOAK?
I've seen GenAI all over Web3, why is Cloak needed?
How can I contribute and follow along?


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Tokenholder Incentive Program*

*At core team's discretion, depending on what is best for Cloak at the time.

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